AWT Data Viewer

The Aviation Weather Testbed (AWT) Data Viewer is an aviation weather geographical display tool, that builds upon the AWC Graphical Forecast for Aviation (GFA). This page allows for data visualization of operational and experimental data through the GFA framework through advanced configuration.

This tool is not to be used for flight planning or naviation and is not operational. This page is subject to downtime and is not supported 24/7.

Weather Symbols

SymbolStation codeDescription
Rain and Snow
-RALight Rain
RAModerate Rain
+RAHeavy Rain
-FZRALight Freezing Rain
FZRA +FZRAModerate to Heavy Freezing Rain
-RASNLight Rain and Snow
RASN +RASNModerate to Heavy Rain and Snow
-SNLight Snow
+SNHeavy Snow
BLSNBlowing Snow
DRSNDrifting Snow
SGSnow Grains
ICIce Crystals
PE PLIce Pellets
Showers and Storms
-SHRALight Rain Showers
SHRA +SHRAModerate to Heavy Rain Showers
-SHRASNLight Rain and Snow Showers
SHRASN +SHRASNModerate to heavy rain and snow showers
-SHSNLight Snow Showers
SHSN +SHSNModerate to heavy snow showers
-GRLight showers with hail, not with thunder
GRModerate to heavy showers with hail, not with thunder
VCSHVicinity showers
VCTSVicinity thunderstorm
VCTSRAVicinity thunderstorm with rain
TSThunderstorm with or without precipitation
TSRAThunderstorm with light to moderate rain
+TSRAThunderstorm with heavy rain
TSGRThunderstorm with light to moderate hail
TSSNThunderstorm with light to moderate snow
FCFunnel Cloud or Tornado
SymbolStation codeDescription
Fog and Mist
BRMist or Light Fog
FGFog, sky indiscernible
MIFGMore or less continuous shallow fog
VCFGVicinity Fog
BCFGPatchy Fog
PRFGFog, sky discernable
FZFGFreezing Fog
-DZLight Drizzle
+DZHeavy Drizzle
-FZDZLight Freezing Drizzle
FZDZ +FZDZModerate to heavy freezing drizzle
-DZRALight drizzle and rain
DZRAModerate to heavy drizzle and rain
VIRGAVirga or precipitation not hitting ground
Dust, Sand, Other
FU VASmoke or Volcanic Ash
DU SADust or Sand
BLDU/BLSABlowing Dust/Blowing Sand
PODust Devil
VCSSVicinity Sand Storm
SSSand Storm
+SSStrong Sand Storm
UPUnknown Precipitation/Weather

Pilot Reports

Turbulence not encountered
Smooth-light turbulence
Light turbulence
Light-moderate turbulence
Moderate turbulence
Moderate-severe turbulence
Severe turbulence
Extreme turbulence
Low-level wind shear
Icing not encountered
Trace icing
Trace to light icing
Light icing
Light to moderate icing
Moderate icing
Moderate to severe icing
Severe icing

Prog chart (fronts)

Cold front (dashed: frontogenesis/frontolysis)
Warm front (dashed: frontogenesis/frontolysis)
Stationary front
Occluded front
Dry line
Hurricane / tropical storm

Navigational aids

VORVHF omnidirectional range
DMEDistance measuring equipment
VOR/DMECo-located VOR and DME
TACANTactical air navigation system
VORTACCo-located VOR and TACAN
NDBNon-directional beacon
FixOther navigation fix

Map features

Tall obstacle
Medium or small obstacle
Wind farm

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Why is my link not working?

As part of the upgrade to the site, some pages were consolidated and some URL's have changed. Check out the link conversions to find what you are looking for. If you are still unable to find the information you are looking for, submit a question using the envelope in the top right.

Where is the METAR page?

You can view the METAR data by using the Products dropdown and selecting METAR data. The interactive Graphical Forecasts for Aviation map also displays METARs, under the observations tab. To view METARs alone, click on the Layers button at the top left corner of the map and deselect items you do not wish to view. You can view decoded METARs by checking the "decoded box in the Map Options under the gear icon on GFA. Here is a link to the observations tab: GFA Observations tab.

How do I submit PIREPs?

Sign up for an account on our registration page, or using the Contact Us dialog under the envelope at the top right corner of the screen. Select "PIREP Access" as the category, and be sure to include your airmen’s certificate number or affiliation with an airline, flight school, government or military organization for validation purposes to streamline the process. Accounts are validated via the FAA Airmen Inquiry.

Once you have an account and are logged in, select "Submit a PIREP" from the Tools dropdown and fill out the form. For more information on PIREP submit, use the link at the bottom, or click here.

Where do I submit questions/comments?

Click on the envelope button at the top right corner of your screen to fill out the webmail form. There are some new features and there will be some initial bugs. Please don't hesitate to let us know. We run a deployment of functionality upgrades every month. Critical bugs will be fixed as soon as possible.

Why can't I log in to my account?

You will need to log in and/or have correct permissions. If you do not see a confirmation email after registering, please check your spam folder. Please contact us if further information is required.

How do I access the Flight Path Tool?

The flight path tool is now embedded into the interactive Graphical Forecasts for Aviation map. Click on the rulers in the top right corner of the map to open the display. Enter the airports to navigate, and select the product you wish to display from the dropdown.

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