Summer Experiment 2022

The Aviation Weather Center will host the 2022 Aviation Weather Testbed Summer Experiment on September 13th through 16, 2022.

The experiment kickoff is Tuesday, September 13th at 8:30 am with coffee and introductions. Daily activities will run until around 4:30 pm each day. Friday will be a half day ending at 12 noon.


TCF Evolution

The Traffic Flow Management Convective Forecast, or the TCF, is a snapshot of expected convection leading to aviation traffic impacts at 4, 6, and 8 hours out. While this product is forecaster-developed at AWC, it is highly dependent on collaborative input from various stakeholders and partners. With the evolution of a Unified Forecast System (UFS), including the Rapid Refresh Forecast System (RRFS), it is critical that AWC evaluate the performance of the pending systems in comparison to current ones on the TCF forecast process. Participants will be tasked to develop a TCF forecast utilizing the new experimental RRFS guidance and evaluating its performance. In addition, AWC plans to explore the utility of an additional panel valid at 2 hours out to “close the gap” between the current Convective SIGMET and 4hr TCF forecast.

Outlook Graphics

Current AWC operational products focus on impacts within the next 24 hours, however general aviation users have repeatedly expressed interest in a product that would allow them to better plan in the 2-3 day time period. Much like how other NCEP centers produce outlook graphics (SPC, WPC), AWC is exploring the utility of an Impact Graphic for Days 1, 2, & 3. The intent of this product would be for various aviation users (including General Aviation) to get a quick look at what impacts to expect over CONUS in the coming days. The development workflow, design, and collaborative efforts of this potential graphic suite will be explored.

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Lunch and Group Activities

Tuesday through Thursday there will be the option to order food, as we will have a seminar during lunch. Please bring cash if you would like to place an order.

There will be optional group evening activities Wednesday and Thursday. Please see emails for more information.

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