Spring Experiment 2023

The Aviation Weather Center hosted the 2023 Aviation Weather Testbed Spring Experiment on May 15th through 19, 2023.

The experiment kickoff was Monday, May 15th at 8:30 am with coffee and introductions. Daily activities ran until around 4:30 pm each day, with a half day on Friday, ending at 12 noon.


Hazard Services

Hazard Services is an AWIPS2 software application which provides a centralized framework for issuing all weather hazard products across the National Weather Service, and will be an integral part of AWC's evolution from NAWIPS to AWIPS2 for operational product issuance. During the experiment, participants will have the opportunity to test the aviation workflows in Hazard Services in real time to ensure its operational readiness prior to implementation.

Cloud Forecasting with RRFS & LAMP

Enhancing cloud layer forecasts has been an ongoing effort at AWC for several years to serve both Digital Aviation Services (DAS) efforts and the Graphical Forecasts for Aviation (GFA). As AWC advances its web services to provide additional cloud layer information like cross-section graphics and higher-resolution data sets, evaluating the underlying guidance is of utmost importance. For this experiment, participants will have the opportunity to generate cloud forecasts using experimental RRFS 3D cloud information. In addition, participants will evaluate updated ceiling guidance from the Localized Aviation MOS Product (LAMP) over the San Francisco Airport (SFO) domain.

Probabilistic Forecasting

The utilization of probabilistic guidance for forecasting and messaging of weather information is one the National Weather Service's key priorities under new director Ken Graham. This year, the AWT is excited to partner once again with the FAA's Aviation Weather Demonstration and Evaluation (AWDE) Services group to better understand how aviation users interpret and use probabilistic guidance. In collaboration with AWDE, AWT participants will have the opportunity to create probabilistic forecasts, and participate in focus group evaluations with users as part of the concurrent Friends and Partners in Aviation Weather (FPAW) meeting that will also be taking place that week.

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Lunch and Group Activities

Monday through Thursday there will be the option to order food, as we will have a seminar during lunch. Please bring cash if you would like to place an order.

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