Welcome to the Aviation Weather Testbed

The Aviation Weather Center hosted the 2019 Aviation Weather Testbed Summer Experiment August 19-23, 2019. The experiment focused on three main evaluations: a continued evaluation of the expanded domain and improvements to the Graphical Forecasts for Aviation tool, an evaluation of experimental model guidance to decipher cloud layers for forecasting, and evaluating possible mid range convective guidance products for planning in the National Airspace System (NAS) for the next day and beyond.  For more information, please visit the Summer Experiment 2019 page.

Mission Statement:

To foster a collaborative environment that assures an efficient transfer of innovative science and information technology advancements for continuous improvement of NOAA operations, products, and services.

Our Vision:

A destination facility as the enterprise leader in realizing the best science, technology, and training for operational aviation meteorology.

AWT Charter

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