2017 Aviation Weather Testbed Summer Experiment

The Aviation Weather Center will host the 2017 Aviation Weather Testbed Summer Experiment from August 7-18, 2017. The experiment will focus on three main components: utilizing Hazard Services in AWIPS to produce Convective SIGMET at AWC, collaboration of national cloud and visibility forecasts between AWC and Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs), experimental changes to the TFM Convective Forecast (TCF).

The experiment will kickoff each Monday of the experiment at 7:30 am with coffee and introductions. Daily activities will begin around 8:00 am and conclude between 4:00 and 4:30 pm depending on weather. Each day we will have a lunchtime seminar on varying topics.

We will be ordering lunch so if interested please bring cash.

Experiment Design

This year's experiment is set up with three types of experimental forecast desks that will have different areas of focus on aviation weather forecasting improvement and decision support for traffic flow management. Additionally, there will be a GOES-R desk that will leverage a suite of products to support the various experiment desks. More specific details and tasks related to each desk will be presented at the time of the experiment. Below is an overview of what can be expected at each of the desks.

  • Hazard Services

    The main focus of this desk will be testing advances in convective SIGMET production using AWIPS Hazard Services.

  • Cloud (ceiling) and Visibility

    This desk will focus on continued testing of the use of the AWIPS Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE) for creating cloud and visibility products on a national scale. These grids will be adapted to a common editing methodology in the field and passed to simulated Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) in the Operations Proving Ground for local scale manipultion

  • High Resolution Cloud and Visibility

    This desk will compare cloud and visibility forecasting using a super res model and other US based high res models to the RTMA/URMA.

  • Caribbean, Hawaii, and Alaska C&V Guidance

    This desk will evaluate work being done for the Graphical Forecast for Aviation (GFA) to expand cloud and visibility guidance coverage to include areas outside of CONUS.

  • Probabilistic Cloud and Visibility

    This desk will demonstrate multi-model probabilitic forecasts based on the HREF ensemble for human factors evaluation.

  • TCF and Long Range Convection

    This experiment will apply lessons learned from the convective season thus far and proposed changes for the TFM Convective Forecast. Day two and beyond capability will be tested, as well as the utility of impact heat maps in AWIPS and NMAP.

The Aviation Weather Development and Evaluation (AWDE) services at the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ will be will be running a parallel testbed experiment assessing the human factors component of products issued during the summer experiment from an end-user perspective and actively participating in collaboration on products such as the CAWS.

Data Sets and Decision Support Tools

The following is a list of the operational and experimental model and observation data sets and GOES-R products that will be available for the experiment.
  • Operational Model Data: HRRR, LAMP, HREF, NARRE, SREF, Hires Windows, GEFS, RAP, NAM, GFS
  • Experimental Model Data: HRRR(exp), EPOCH, MRMS Level3 Aviation, NSSL, NAM para, ANC, AutoTCF
  • Observation Data and Decision Support: various lightning data sets, RTMA/URMA, ACARS Profiles, CIWS, COSPA, Aviation Forecast Verification Tool, and INSITE
  • A variety of GOES-R and JPSS products are utilized during the experiment. Please click here to access more information.
Information Portal and Experiment Products (internal)

The link below will direct you to a portal of information applicable to the AWT Summer Experiment. You will find access to FAA status information, various verification tools, web-based testbed data sets, and satellite information and data. Please click here to access the information.
Brown Bag Seminar Topics
The following are tentative seminar topics that will be presented during the experiment. Please check back for details.
  • TBD

Lunch, Group Dinners, and other Activities
  • Each day during the experiment lunch there will be the option to order food since we will be doing brownbag seminars during lunch.
  • Tuesday August 8th we will be heading to the KC Royals baseball game; tickets are $25 and signups will be during the first week of experiment
  • There will be a group dinner TBD during each week of the experiment

Experiment Evaluation Forms
  • TBD
Experiment Blogs


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